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Biographical notes


11 August. Birth of Jacques Georges Cordier at Bois-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine).

Family tradition has it that at the age of four, in 1941, he receives a "colouring-box".
Soon, he declares his intention of being an artist.

He stands out in drawing, but the other subjects leave him rather indifferent.
Luckily, his uncle Georges has a strong influence on his education.


As a teenager, his vocation for painting is firmly established. He attends different evening courses in the district, over and above his primary school lessons, and then goes to a specialist "crammer"  offering secondary education at the school.
In 1953, he makes friends with Heekeren. Almost becoming a member of the family, Cordier is the 'permanent guest" of the place. He gains access to a huge studio.

Cordier "explodes". 1958 : participation at the Salon des grands et des jeunes d'aujourd'hui et au Salon de
la Nationale
. At the Liberty's, Cordier sells his first painting.

His first Mediterranean painting : the bay of Toulon. He is assigned to duty at the Naval Ministry in Paris.

Cordier travels to Venise and to Canada. Numerous drawings and paintings of Sancerre.

His two first one-man shows, ont at the Palette Bleue in rue de Seine, the other in the gallery of the Hôtel de Paris, in Monte-Carlo. Cordier also exhibits for the first time at the Indépendants, to which he will be faithful to the rest of his life.

Exhibitions at the Eggleston gallery, Madison Avenue, New York. Salon de la Jeune peinture, Paris.

Bronze medal from the Musée d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris for his participation at the Salon de l'art libre.

Exhibitions at the Georges Barry gallery, by the port of Saint-Tropez. Participation in the Biennale de Trouville, and "Journal de l'Amateur d'Art" prize. Marriage on 26 March in Saint-Tropez, to Simone Armando-Bardier, daughter of the proprietor of the Hôtel de la  Ponche.

Salon de Juvisy. Voyage au Morocco. Another Saint - Tropez exhibitions at Georges Barry.

Medal from the Salon de Juvisy. Biennales at Trouville and Cherbourg. Voyages au Morocco and Sardinia.
Jacques et Simone Cordier open their personal gallery at rue remparts, two steps from the Hôtel de la Ponche.

Salon de la Nationale, in Paris. Prize from the Salon d'Asnières.

One-man show at the Goult Gallery in Chicago, and at the Ecole de Paris gallery.

One-man show at the Pinacoteca in Piazza di Spagna, Rome. Salon du dessin et de la peinture à l'eau, in Paris.

One-man show at Milan, Seno gallery. Cruise from Athens to Beirut. Voyages to Palmyra.

Participation at the Saint-Tropez et les peintres d'aujourd'hui exhibitions at the Palais de l'Europe in Menton.
One-man show in Strasbourg, in Metz.

One-man show at the Tallien gallery in Saint-Tropez. Beginning of the Meninas series.

Voyage to the West Indies, then to London, then to Basle.
12 December : in Lyon, Jacques Cordier is killed at the wheel of his car. His wife, Simone, who is with him, is seriously injured.